100% Remote.

100% Impressive.

Peachy is Australia's premier colour grading studio for advertising and TV.

Led by senior colourist Angela Cerasi, the Peachy team will:

Save you money (no facility fees)

Free your time (no commuting, quick turnaround)

Give a stress-free experience (flexible dates, upfront project fee, dedicated colour producer)

Make you smile (clients will LOVE your work)

"I nearly cried when I saw it! I can't stop watching it." - Kiki Dillion, Producer

"You are a wizard. This is sublime." - Cybele Malinowski, Director.

"Bloody great experience!" - Kent Boswell, Director.

"I f***ing love it! Couldn't be better. Don't change a pixel. Spectacular job." - Ryan Renshaw, Director.

"We had our grade review and it knocked our socks off!" - John Tsakonas, Endemol Shine Australia.

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