The Youth and Young Adult Network of the National Farm Worker Ministry!
YAYA is a national network of young people actively working to change the oppressive social, political and economic conditions faced by farm workers in the United States.
Our members support farm worker campaigns for justice and work directly with farm workers in our communities. On our website you can learn about campaigns for justice and how YAYA takes action in their communities. Most importantly, you can get involved! Join YAYA! Read More
Current Campaigns Farm workers are organizing all over the country for better working conditions and a more dignified life. YAYA stands in solidarity with their movement! Read More
Take Action Visit our YAYAs in Action blog to read the most recent updates about YAYAs taking action in their communities. Read More
ufwWorkers fired after speaking with UFWPosted on August 5, 2015
A message from the United Farm Workers (UFW): "A crew of fig workers need your immediate help. The workers with Stellar ...... Read more
NFWM BM Sum 15 1NFWM supports Familias Unidas por la Justicia!Posted on July 22, 2015
This summer I attended my first NFWM board meeting! The board typically meets every six months, in the winter and summer seas...... Read more
Community Garden 2 fellsmereTool Drive!Posted on July 1, 2015
During our most recent visit to Fellsmere's Campesinos Garden YAYA-NFWM noticed a lack of gardening tools for all the volunte...... Read more
Fellsmere 5:23Tilling, Plowing, Watermelon: Oh My!Posted on May 30, 2015
On May 23rd, four YAYAs volunteered at the Campesinos’ Garden in Fellsmere. Although it was a small YAYA group, many commun...... Read more

YAYA builds relationships between young people and farm workers who are fighting for a more dignified life.

Read the stories of members, farm workers, and allies whose work with YAYA has changed their lives and the lives of others. Read More

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