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Working Conditions

  • FILM: Harvest of Shame (1960) Watch the entire original broadcast of one of the most celebrated documentaries of all time, 1960’s “Harvest of Shame,” in which Edward R. Murrow exposed the plight of America’s farm workers.
  • BOOK: “The Human Cost of Food: Farmworkers’ Lives, Labor, and Advocacy” by Charles D. Thompson Jr., and Melinda F. Wiggins.


Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta

  • About Cesar, a collection of resources by the Cesar Chavez Foundation (includes suggested readings and resources, speeches and writings, timeline, audio, photos, videos and more!)



Farm Worker Stories

  • VIDEO: Más Que Nada by SAF. A view of life for a migrant family living in limbo to work the tobacco fields of North Carolina so they can raise six children up right in the very place where they were born.
  • VIDEO: La Vida Diaria / The Daily Life by SAF. SAF Fellow Robyn Levine documents the experiences of a group of migrant farmworkers who live together and work in the Christmas tree fields in Boone, North Carolina.
  • VIDEO: Echando la Mano by SAF. This documentary explores the theme of family in labor lore: how cell phones connect farmworkers to their loved ones far away, how they distract themselves from loneliness, and how the community in the farmworker camp becomes a sort of family during the long season of work in the fields.