Soccer Solidarity: Hit the Fields for Justice!

This year, YAYA-NFWM is teaming up with three other social justice organizations for an exciting remake of our annual soccer game. YAYA-NFWM will come together with the Farmworker Association of Florida, the Hope CommUnity Center, and the civil rights champions at CAIR – Council on American-Islamic Relations. The event on Sunday, February 25th will be a cultural exchange and joint fundraiser to continue the important work of all four organizations. We count on your donations to make this exchange a success, and to continue our work for justice all year. Click here to donate by sponsoring a player on the YAYA soccer team!

Our organizations work together throughout the year to fight anti-immigrant legislation, to protect the rights of farm workers, and to defend the rights of Muslim Americans and others who are marginalized. We are working together to pass a Clean Dream Act and to pass a Trust Act for Orlando that would protect immigrants from harassment and detention by local law enforcement on behalf of immigration authorities. Sadly, we come together repeatedly to fight attacks on Black and Brown immigrant communities and to mourn loss of lives to violence. On February 25, we are excited to join forces to celebrate the resilience of immigrant communities and our partnerships with food, music, and the only thing that’s almost as universal as our smiles…soccer!  This is a day to exchange laughter and culture and to strengthen our organizations through grassfoots fundraising.

Will you support our efforts and make our fundraiser a success?

About Our “Hit the Field for Justice!” Partners

NFWM has been an ally to the Farmworker Association of Florida for decades. This farm worker led organization has five offices across Florida and does vital organizing to allow farm worker to protect themselves from wage theft, pesticide exposure, heat stroke, and other workplace dangers. They relentlessly fight for immigration reform and address community problems, while creating the world they want to see with community gardens and cultural events. The Farmworker Association’s work is especially critical right now, in light of the overwhelming amount of cases of wage theft, abuse, and discrimination they have seen this year.

Sponsor a YAYA soccer player to continue our work in solidarity with farm worker organizations!


The Hope CommUnity Center serves and empowers immigrant and working poor communities in Apopka, 

many of whom are farm workers. Through education, advocacy, and spiritual growth, the Hope CommUnity Center transforms individuals and entire communities. They offer citizenship classes and organize neighborhoods with Know Your Rights trainings. They offer English classes to unaccompanied immigrant youth, and service learning immersion trips to students who come to Apopka from all over the U.S. to learn about the lives of farm workers. DACA recipients at HCC are leading the fight in Central Florida for a Clean Dream Act, and their youth group Sin Fronteras provides a way for local youth to become active and build community. Their South Apopka program connects the historically Black community to HCC’s organizing efforts.  

Will you sponsor a YAYA soccer player to allow us to continue our work in solidarity with Hope CommUnity Center?

YAYA at CAIR’s vigil for Nabra

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR Florida, defends the rights of Muslims and all people facing discrimination through legal defense, Know Your Rights Trainings, education, and legislative advocacy. They educate organizations and institutions, including local law enforcement about the basics of Islam and the history and seriousness of Islamaphobia. They continue to loudly and persistently fight multiple Muslim bans since last January, and to respond to the overwhelming rise in hate crimes. 

Strengthen our movements for justice by sponsoring a YAYA soccer player!

The fourth partner is YAYA-NFWM, the Youth and Young Adult Network of the National Farm Worker Ministry. The funds raised in this soccer game will support our work in solidarity with farm workers across the country. Your donations will specifically help YAYA-NFWM travel to farm worker communities, attend organizing trainings, and strength our relationship with these respective communities.

YAYA has educated and mobilized hundreds of people in support of farm worker organizations, such as the Farm Labor Organizing Committee, the Coalition of Immokalee WorkersUnited Farm Workers, Familias Unidas por la Justicia, and the Farm Worker Association of Florida, just to name a few. These farm worker-led organizations are changing the agricultural system by organizing and empowering their members. YAYAs ensure that they have allies and friends in the non-farm worker communities where YAYA is organizing.

Rasha Mubarak of CAIR-FL in solidarity with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers at a picket hosted by NFWM-YAYA in Orlando.

Your sponsorship is fundamental to our movement. Join us in this effort to bring allies and farm workers closer together while  raising funds to sustain our work for justice. 

We need to fundraise $100 per player.  You can make an online tax-deductible donation starting at any amount. We hope to see you at the soccer field on Sunday, February 25th!

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