Film Screening Educates Attendees on Current Farm Worker Legislation

By Nick Leon and Gabriela Hernandez

On Friday, November 10th, YAYA and the Farmworker Association of Florida co-hosted a movie screening of the film “H-2 Worker”, which details the struggles of Jamaican guest workers in Florida’s sugar cane industry. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties we couldn’t play the movie and instead we took the opportunity to talk about in detail about the different types of farmworkers and what protections (or lack of) they have under the current laws. YAYA and FWAF utilized the open floor to ask attendees about their current understanding of farmworker issues and how these issues differ between those farmworkers with work visas, those under guestworker programs, and those who remain undocumented. The exercise helped give insight into the many factors, including harmful pesticides, inhuman living conditions, and discriminatory legislation, that directly affect the farm worker community and different plans of action we can take to fight these injustices. 

Finally, we talked about our current fight against the new H-2A bill that is currently in Congress and how it would remove the few protections that guest workers currently have and passed around a petition against it.

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