Emergency Rallies for the Dream Act Led by Immigrant Youth

By Stephanie Melendez

On January 18, a National day of Action for the support of a Clean Dream Act, DACA recipients and undocumented activists of Hope CommUnity Center gathered supporters for a funeral to mourn the dreams that may be lost if Congress does not pass a Clean Dream Act immediately.


The event was kicked off with the personal stories of  DACA recipients and of one story of an undocumented student name Lili who was unable to qualify for DACA. She explained that because she was not able to qualify, she understood the fear of the students whose DACA is expiring. Her status however did not disuade her from fighting back. Another DACA recipient, Anallely, countinued this courageous spirit by insisting that a Clean Dream Act was the only way for the community to be safe and continue with their lives and dreams without fear. 

In a major win for our cause, Rep. Stephanie Murphy’s team announced through a letter that they would withhold their vote on the spending bill if it did not include the Dream Act. Her decision shows us that she is listening to her community and her constituents. We need Senators Nelson and Rubio to take leadership in passing a Clean Dream Act immediately. The Hope CommUnity Center, Farmworker Association of Florida, and Florida Immigrant Coalition hosted this rally, with stunning visuals made by undocumented and “DACAmented” young people from Hope. YAYA-NFWM, along with many community organizations, faith, and labor allies joined in the rally.

Photos provided by Hope CommUnity Center

Today, January 23, the Hope CommUnity Center held another emergency rally outside of Senator Rubio’s office in response to the continuance of the spending bill without a Dream Act. Senator Rubio was a champion for the Dream Act as well as a pathway to citizenship for farm workers in 2013. Farm workers and immigrant youth still need his support today, as time is running out for DACA recipients.

Photos provided by Stephanie Melendez




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