Tabling @ Vagina Monologues!

IMG_5031On Saturday March 19th, members of the Orlando YAYA chapter tabled at a performance of The Vagina Monologues at the University of Central Florida. The production was a student-led performance celebrating and exploring concepts in the female body and sexuality. The event was donation based, and all the proceeds went directly to YAYA. Orlando YAYAs Cristina, Benji, Nico, and Emilia engaged those in attendance in conversations about farm worker justice, as well as introducing them to YAYA and what the organization does. Nico also gave a brief presentation to the audience about what YAYA is, and how farm worker issues and women’s issues intersect in relation to the event. Women farm workers play an incredibly important role in the agricultural system, while facing specific struggles surrounding sexual harassment, reproductive rights, gender discrimination, etc.

Most of those in attendance were university students  which was a good opportunity not only to engage the general public but also to reach out to young people, who are good candidates to get involved with YAYA. Many of the folks that stopped by the table seemed interested in getting involved or at least having a dialogue, so it was overall a very successful event!


In Solidarity,
Emilia Nicholson-Fajardo
Orlando YAYA

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