The time for immigration reform is NOW!

On Tuesday, October 28th, more than 200 individuals, representing allies and various community groups and coalitions, congregated in Orlando, FL, to call on Speaker Boehner to push the immigration reform bill amongst House representatives.

Image Source: Peoples World

Folks traversed the streets of downtown Orlando chanting, “Que Queremos? Reforma!; Cuando? Ahora!” At the end of the mile and a half march, onlookers and participants stopped in front of the Federal Building where 15 Florida leaders working on immigration reform conducted Civil Disobedience – of the arrested was the General Coordinator of the Farm Worker Association of Florida, Tirso Moreno – blocking off a busy road during rush hour.

Push come to shove, the time is now to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill that no longer tears apart families and upholds humane labor practices!

Clear our Paths NOW!

Please to sign this petition calling on Boehner to Clear Our Path to Citizenship!

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2 Responses to The time for immigration reform is NOW!

  1. Tim Paynter says:

    We stand behind the movement to bring rational immigration reform to people who want justice. Sad to say, we have grave doubts about the proposed law. We can and must do better. That comes from telling people our story and helping others see the value all people gain from equality.

  2. Nico Gumbs says:

    Thank you for your comment! We, at YAYA-NFWM, continue to advocate for the passage of just and fair immigration reform for all undocumented immigrants. While not perfect, HR 15 is a good first step in fixing our broken immigration system and acknowledging the tremendous contribution of undocumented farm workers to U.S. society.

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