cc_fieldAbout AgJOBS (Agricultural Job Opportunities, Benefits and Security Act):

Our broken immigration system abuses farm workers, undermines the stability of our agricultural workforce, and jeopardizes the nation’s food security. These problems will continue until the system is fixed, and the system will not fix itself; systemic change requires public pressure and support from concerned citizens like you.

The bi-partisan bill Agricultural Job Opportunities, Benefits and Security Act (AgJOBS) is the most important piece of legislation affecting farm workers in decades.

cc_farmworkersfeedAgJOBS represents an important compromise between farm worker advocates (led by the United Farm Workers) and major agricultural employers to address the agricultural immigration crisis. It allows immigrant farm workers and their families to earn the legal right to permanently stay in this country by continuing to work in agriculture and reforms the current H-2A guest worker program, providing growers with a safe and stable workforce while providing guest workers with a pathway to citizenship.

AgJOBS strengthens protections for workers’ rights, decent pay, and working conditions. It makes dangerous, illegal border crossings unnecessary for hundreds of thousands of workers and allows farm worker families to stay together and fully participate in the society they help feed.


What YAYAs are doing:

YAYAs have supported AgJOBS by:

• Organizing rallies and actions in their communities

• Calling and lobbying their legislators

• Signing and collecting petitions

• Collaborating in immigration coalitions

• Raising awareness about AgJOBS in our communities through presentations, trainings and campus events.


Learn more about YAYA’s past actions in support of AgJOBS in our YAYAs in Action blog.


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• Learn more about AgJOBS:

  1. Read a summary of AgJOBS on the Farmworker Justice website.
  2. Visit the UFW’s AgJOBS page.


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