UCF action in support of the CIW

This Halloween, UCF students wanted to treat our campus to an exposé on the dirty tricks Burger King plays to keep their tomatoes cheap. With the help of Student/Farmworker Alliance’s online resources, students prepared art, T-shirts, and masks to get the message out.

Here students are preparing to enter the Burger King restaurant inside our Student Union. We attempted to deliver a letter to the manager urging them to correct abuses in the tomato fields by working with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. The manager, however, had already been instructed by higher-ups not to accept our letter.

Our group of about 30 students also delivered plenty of fliers to other students and passersby to let everyone know about CIW’s work and Burger King’s unwillingness to take an ethical stance on justice for farm workers.

Our town scribe announces facts on farm worker poverty and reveals some of the lies Burger King has erected in their effort to keep social responsibility far from their castle.

We would like to say…
It’s time for justice…now!

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